Exciting solutions for the ENTIRE WORLD.

Our concept will change the game.

Our patented technology is paving the way for innovations in an electrified world.

Highly scalable electricity storage in an aqueous solution.

High performance, high power and capacity, scalable up to GW/GWh range

Extremely fast charging and discharging

High cycle stability (neglible degradation after 30,000 cycles)

High efficiency >85%

Highly cost efficient

Empowering the redox flow battery

How it works

Two tanks each contains a different liquid salt solution (electrolyte) for the positive and negative pole. The solution is pumped through a stack for charging and discharging. In this way, the electrons are bound and released again. 

In other words, the power and capacity of the battery can be scaled independently of each other. The storage material defines the capacity of the flow battery, the size and number of stacks the power.

What does redox flow battery stand for?

The reduction-oxidation flow battery is an electrochemical storage system that can store electrical energy with the help of a liquid. The energy conversion takes place in the electrochemical cells (Stack).

Developing the ultimate Battery

Highly scalable electricity storage in aqueous solution

Minimal self-discharge

(<3 % in 6 months)

High energy and power density

(system power higher than Li-Ion)

Environmentally friendly: 

water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable

Raw materials are common, sustainable


With this storage technology, Germany could shut down coal-fired power plants without replacement since we have enough electricity but no proper management.